The Teaching Philosophy at The Golf Academy revolves around the fundamentals of the game and correct impact of the ball. We believe that good set-up fundamentals and the basics of the short game can un-wrap the mystery of the full swing. Our three PGA Professionals, with decades of teaching experience, will lead you down the path to solid ball contact. We have all heard that short shots make up the majority of our strokes during a round of golf. But, did you know that the proper mechanics of a chip can also help you with your full-swing? When you think about a chip, it is essentially the very bottom part of a full-swing arc. If you can learn to impact the ball with a short swing, your confidence grows and it becomes easier to impact the ball with a larger motion. From putting to chipping, and bunker shots to full-swing, we can help you improve your game. We look forward to working with you attain your goals!


The Golf Academy’s wide-open ocean views and expansive short-game practice facility will inspire your practice sessions while giving you a varied assortment of shots to sharpen your short-game prowess. The short game area features four USGA regulation green complexes, 4 practice bunkers, an assortment of lie conditions, and a 15,000 square foot golf academy-only access short game practice area. This area is an ideal environment for working on any skills—from putting to 75-yard approach shots. Additionally, our brand new state of the art Full-Swing Golf Studios feature Foresight Sports GC2 Golf Simulator/Launch Monitor and V1 Golf Video software will give you the feedback and statistics you need to improve your game. From Gap Fittings to Club Fittings and Full-Swing lessons, the Golf Studio is the perfect addition that completes the Golf Academy.




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